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Support groups are a helpful way to meet other expats who are in the same situation as you. Support groups are free of charge and they run weekly, usually on the weekends. Reach out to me to join one.

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Living with a problem as an expat in a foreign country can be a lonely and isolating affair. Expat support groups are free-of-charge. They offer an opportunity to meet with and share with others experiencing a challenge in their lives, just like you. I run two groups: one general expat support group for anyone with a problem. Another group is for expats who are newly diagnosed with HIV. All groups are confidential and all members sign an agreement to maintain privacy. Reach out to me to register and join a free support group.

COST: Free of charge

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About Scott Berry

Hi, my name is Scott. I’m a professional coach and counsellor serving the diverse expat communities of Bangkok and Thailand. I've been living in Thailand for 14 years now. In that time, I've supported individuals, leaders and teams in 22 countries across the Asia Pacific. I have qualifications in psychotherapy from the UK. I have an MBA and a PhD in public health from Australia. Reach out to me for a no-pressure chat about your needs. If I can't assist you, no problem, I'll help you find someone in the city who can!

Call me in Bangkok: 02 107 2661


Let’s get you feeling better...

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