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Free online counselling & coaching for expats and their families affected by COVID 19. 

Are you feeling isolated and alone? That's all you need to get FREE help from me.

About Scott Berry

Hi, my name is Scott. I’m a professionally certified coach and a counsellor serving the diverse expat communities of Bangkok and Thailand. I've been living in Thailand for 14 years now. I'm offering free online counselling and coaching to people struggling during the COVID19 outbreak. I'm here to help if:

  • You or a loved one have just been diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • You have to make difficult decisions because of COVID-19.

  • You have a diagnosis of anxiety, depression, a personality or mood problem.

  • You're finding it difficult to cope with isolation.


Free support from a counsellor who is also a fully accredited coaching professional.

Expat anxiety and panic in the COVID 19 outbreak

When you're an expat in a foreign country, the COVID 19 situation can get super stressful. It's easy to feel vulnerable and alone. Fear and anxiety about the disease can be triggered by announcements made by the government of your host country, or by news of what's happening at home. It can feel like there's little support for you where you are - as if there's no institution that has your back. In this situation, you can get carried-away with catastrophic thinking and fear that leads to panic. 

IMPORTANT: You are not alone. Please reach out to me for online counselling or coaching assistance. If you can't afford it, that's ok.

Are you feeling isolated and alone? That's all you need to get FREE help from me.

Three things you can do right now...

  • Reduce news and social media. Focus your thinking on the things you can control - and avoid the things you cannot control. For example, reducing the amount of time you're watching reading or listening to the news and this includes reducing the time you spend on social media sites. The news is full of things to worry about that are beyond your control. So stop it.

  • Stay active.  Use physical exercise (for example, download a yoga or other exercise App) and use it every day.

  • Do this one-day-at-a-time. Use meditation to stay in-the-moment, try walking in nature (if possible).

  • Connect with loved ones. Make clear agreements to stay in contact with your friends and loved ones in your host country and around the world.

  • Reach out for help. You are not weak for reaching out for help. This is the smartest and bravest thing you can do when panic feels overwhelming.

The most important thing you you can do to maintain your mental health is to reduce 'catastrophic' thinking, fantasising and getting stuck in a 'loop' of repeating "What if...?" questions and stories that build on your fear.

Are you feeling isolated and alone? That's all you need to get FREE help from me.

Emergency help in Thailand

There are limited options for crisis intervention in Thailand. Unfortunately, if you need immediate help late at night it may be that the only option is the police. If before 10pm, the Samaritans have English speaking counsellors available. Here's a list of options that I hope are useful.

Samaritans of Thailand

Hotline: 02 713 6793

Go to their website here.

Email their hotline here.

ABOUT: Samaritans is not 24-hour service but operated every day from 12 noon to 10pm.

Bangkok Hospital

Mental Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Center

Call: 02 310 3000

Go to their website here.

Email them here.

ABOUT: Bangkok Hospital's BMRC is dedicated to both mental health issues and addiction disorders. They have psychologists on duty who may be available without appointment. Note this is not a free service. Your insurance may cover outpatient or inpatient admission for psychiatric help but you will need to contact your insurance company.

Manarom Hospital

Call: 02 725 9595

Go to their website here.

Email them here.

ABOUT: Manarom Hospital has psychiatrists available in an emergency situation. They also have psychologists by appointment. This is not a free service. Again, contact your insurance company for information about cover.



Embassy crisis assistance

Your embassy may provide the best assistance if you're in crisis or experiencing an emergency. Here are some contacts for you to consider:

US Embassy Bangkok

Emergency Line Bangkok: 02 205 4000

Emergency Line Chiang Mai: 053 107 7000

ABOUT: These lines are for emergencies involving American citizens only. 

British Embassy Bangkok

Emergency Line Bangkok: 02 305 8333

ABOUT: These lines are for emergencies involving UK citizens only.

Australian Embassy Bangkok

24-hour Line Bangkok: 02 344 6300 then select option 1 to be transferred to 24 hour help.

ABOUT: These lines are for emergencies involving Australian citizens only.

New Zealand Embassy Bangkok

Contact Bangkok: 022 2542530

Other Embassies please use this website.

Other Emergency Numbers

Police - 191

Public Ambulance (everywhere) - 1669

Public Ambulance (Bangkok) - 1646

Fire Department - 199

General number - 911 (a list of general options are offered in English).

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