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Read through some of my recent case studies, see how I can help your team.

David, Regional Asia Manager

David is a valued executive manager in a multinational organization. He is responsible to lead a team of managers in 10 countries across Asia. However, his frustration with his team and his stress level had grown to the point that he was causing conflict in the team. There were complaints about his behavior.

He and his supervisor called Scott Berry & Associates to get support to manage David’s stress and anger. Over 6 sessions of coaching we helped David understand his personality strengths and weaknesses. He developed an awareness of the situations most likely to stress him or cause him stress and to express inappropriate anger.

Together, we came up with strategies to help him adjust his behavior and communication. David reports that the ‘temperature level’ in his team is much lower now. Importantly, a 360-degree feedback process six months later confirmed that he is doing better at anger management.

Meenoy, hotel housekeeper

Meenoy is a member of the housekeeping team in a Bangkok hotel. During one of her shifts, she entered a guest room and was confronted with a dramatic situation that left her traumatized. Her manager immediately telephoned our on-call hotline service.

One of our personal coaches assisted Meenoy to process her immediate emotional reaction to the situation and arranged follow-up support. Meenoy expressed fear of entering guest rooms immediately after the event. So, our personal coach met with her twice a week for two weeks, giving her tips and strategies to overcome her anxiety.

At the end of the coaching process, Meenoy reported she felt able to recover quickly because of our support and her manager reports Meenoy is back to her usual high performance.

Wichai, Senior Policy Manager

Wichai is a senior policy manager in a large humanitarian aid agency. His manager arranged performance improvement coaching with us, because of regular late attendance at work, missing deadlines and generally not being proactive with presenting issues and problems in the workplace.

Over 6 sessions of performance coaching we helped Wichai develop new time management strategies, daily habits and personal management systems that transformed his behavior at work and his mindset. In a final session with his manager, Wichai was rewarded with high praise for making dramatic improvements in his daily work.

Wichai reported that, while he was reticent at the start of coaching, both his self-esteem and self-confidence were greatly enhanced by the coaching he received from us.

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